The project was founded by several rights-holders facing difficulties in managing the broadcasting rights to their works.

Until now, the world of music has not had a tool that could provide precise tracking of musical broadcasts worldwide in a reliable and transparent way.

In a world turned upside down by new technologies, the group of founders wanted to highlight the importance of radio broadcasts, which remain one of primary vehicles for promotion and revenue generation for rights-holders.

To support the tremendous work done by everyone involved in the music industry – songwriters, composers, arrangers, performers, producers, major and independent record labels, publishers and performing rights societies – aims to contribute to a better organisation that offers greater transparency and responsiveness in managing broadcasts and the resulting royalties, not to mention lower costs.

After two years' research and development,'s ambition is to become a standard tool that can be used by all the links in the music industry chain at international level.

Transparency and speed of information processing are two key factors that will undoubtedly contribute to the sustainability of international musical and cultural diversity.

The founders

Pascal, Dominique, Jean-Christophe, Benjamin, David and Dimitri


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