Find the plan that fits you!

Monthly activation 


per bundle of 10 songs

€1,25 / song only

Annual activation 

€150 €125

per bundle of 10 songs

€1,04 / song (2 months free)

Kollector brings to you highly valuable informations and unlimited access to:

Real time worldwide statistics giving you a precise and accurate view of your radio broadcasts.

First hand transparent factual data to help you and your publisher to forecast airplay royalties.

Time Saving application optimizing the management of your audio works.

Data you can share with your partners to overview in realtime your national/international promo campaigns.

Comparative watch to ensure new territories and new markets.

How does it work?

Imagine your bundle of 10 songs are in fact 10 seats. Every seat can welcome 1 song from your library which can contain as many songs as you want to upload.

Monthly or Annual activation?

For a monthly activation, we will issue a monthly invoice at the beginning of the month, and you pay every month.

For an actual activation, we will issue one invoice for the full year, and you pay one time. Easy and cheaper, you get 12 months but only pay 10 months !

Activate your songs

Once you have purchased your seats, you can activate the songs located in your library.

Build your library

Once your songs are uploaded, they go directly into your library. For big volumes of songs you can ask a SFTP access through our support (

For example: 1 bundle=10 songs, 2 bundles=20 songs…
For more than 1000 songs you can contact us directy through the support area.

Modify your plan

You can change your plan at any time. For example, you have purchased 10 « seats », you can activate 10 songs of the library and change the period of time. You can let some songs for the full year and select others to be tracked for only 3 months depending on your promotional activities.