As a music publisher, you can obtain real time information about the broadcasting of your catalogue and the transmission of your new titles.

Beside that, Kollector can be used:

  • for the control of the promotion of your musical works and the follow up of its effectiveness. You can now see for yourself real world results of your campaigns, decide for strategic singles in different countries based on radioplays from the catalog.
  • You can see which countries and which radios are sensible to your catalog and decide on real datas to geographically expand promotional campaigns and tours.
  • for detailed statistics about the radio broadcasting of your titles. You can compare your songs to other artists' works, see which songs do better, have real time statistics of airplays and radio coverage infos and plan your next move.
  • At last you can have a global vision of the success of your catalogue that will allow for better decision making on actual hard facts.
  • as a detailed communication tool in the sector and a more effective leverage when speaking with other professionals in the industry. Now, you can add stats and numbers when planning out.
  • Better numbers to go to collecting companies: you don't have to wait as long as before as you can provide the collectiong society with the accurate numbers provided by Kollector.
  • Thanks to our Kollector application, you can also give and share access to all the stats to all your collaborators.