Adequacy: Kollector provides accurate detailed informations based on a ever growing list of radios around the world and this will give a precise view on where and when the tracks were aired. We're adding new radios every day but already provide a very large panel of stations. These informations can be the same one used by your clients and therefore provide adequacies of results.

Timing: Kollector delivers precise real time informations that gives more control to collecting societies and allows for shorter period calculations. This is a win-win situation where collecting companies and rights owners both benefit from operating with more retribution periods along the year.

Cash efficiency: Faster calculations periods will permit a more efficient use of your cash funds thru shorter flux of finances. It helps collecting societies to act with a more accurate vision of cash incomings and gives them insights of expected future retributions periods.

Cost cutting: Reduction of administrative costs allowed by a more accurate control of radio broadcasts with Kollector allows societies a better use of human ressources thru redevelopment of employees to more key places within the company. Let Kollector take the burden off your shoulder !

With Kollector, these words becomes reality to the advantage of your members and sister societies. As a collecting society, from now on, you can use our services to improve yours and provide faster and more accurate informations and payouts to your members.