As an author, a perfomer or a publisher, Kollector offers you:

A real time information about any broadcast of your songs on worlwide radios.

At last you can have a precise vision of where and when you songs are played and that gives you more control on the releases, airplay deployment and figures, promotional campaigns results , but also allows you to more strategic decisions thru the knowledge of the territories and the radios sensible to your works. It also answers in real time which tracks from your album work and which ones don't, helping in this in a creative process for better A&R decisions.

The same information that your collecting society will use for the distribution of rights

Kollector gives precise details than can use by both you and the collecting companies for more accurate rights payments.
It also gives you insights of the future rights payments you will be owned.

Total Transparency for a better musical and cultural diversity

The accuracy and transparency of the Kollector results can work in all musical genres and defends by nature any musical styles and substyles. Whether you are a mainstream popstar, a classical composer or a unknown folk musician, Kollector will work as well and will open up alleyways of better payment to all styles of music, enhancing rights for better musical and cultural diversity, thanks to the informations provided.